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Model S1

Model S1

Model S1

The experience from the wall

Built for distortion-free peak levels that previously only PA and sound reinforcement loudspeakers could deliver, combined with precise reproduction and micro-dynamics. Model S1 delivers home theater audiophile quality and an immersive listening experience in any listening position - seamlessly integrated in or on the wall.

Model S1 Front
Model S1

Model S1 is a high output and self-powered 2-way custom installation system for front/LCR and surround channels of small to medium-sized home theaters and professional multi-channel monitoring in post rooms or broadcast facilities. The sculpted dispersion pattern and flush in-wall installation ensures consistent coverage throughout the room, providing an immersive listening experience at all listening positions.

180° horizontal constant radiation
Free choice of seating, without compromise.

120 dB peak level
Always uncompressed and close to reality.

75...10° vertically uniformly increasing bundling
Perfect balance and localization.

THD <0,3 % (@90 dB/1 m)
Geringste Verzerrungen für präzise Wiedergabe.

560 Watt Class-D amplifier
drives all two channels at all times with sovereignty.

96 mm flat
for easy and invisible integration.

The you-are-there experience, everywhere
Unexpected Immersion on
every seat
Model S1 10

Today's immersive sound formats can place sounds and effects anywhere in the room. To provide this immersive experience at all listening positions, it requires speakers that fill and cover the room evenly. The sculpted dispersion characteristics of Model S1 deliver just that - perfect balance, localization and envelopment throughout the room.

The problem of every home theater

Model S1 solves one of the major problems of any home theater - level losses at different distances and therefore an incorrect balance depending on the listening position, especially with surround speakers. This is because it is usually the case that only a few or even only one listening position has ideal conditions (sweet spot).

In order to offer an immersive experience even to the side or rear seats, the directivity of Model S1 is designed for evenly rising to a high degree such a way that level losses from the listening distance can be greatly reduced.

Model S1 Waveguide

A computer-optimised waveguide enables a constant horizontal directivity of 180°.

Model S1 horizontal directivity

Compared to the usual 90° horizontal directivity (left), the sound is distributed much more evenly at 180° (right).

Vertical directivity of common loudspeakers

Conventional speakers radiate vertically at 90° and cause strong reflections.

Model S1 vertical coverage

Strong vertical bundling reduces reflections and ensures clear localization.

The result

In the horizontal plane, Model S1 provides a constant and very broad 180° radiation pattern. This means that it is no longer necessary to point the loudspeakers towards the listener, since all frequencies are radiated with the same sound pressure in a semicircle around the loudspeaker.

In the vertical plane, dispersion is evenly rising to a narow directivity (75° to 10°) to reduce floor and ceiling reflections. This also results in a homogeneous sound distribution and thus high immersion at all listening positions.

Dynamic and clear
Next Generation Transducers
Model S1 driver
Air-Motion-Transformer tweeter: Clear with Full Dynamics

Large radiation area | Extended bandwidth | Smooth frequency response | High electrical load capacity | Lowest distortion | Homogeneous and controlled radiation | High dynamic reserves

The key to modeling a uniform dispersion pattern is found in the high frequency range. A 6.9-inch (175 mm) air-motion-transformer (AMT) driver operates as a vertical line source in a compression chamber, connected to a computer-optimized and CNC-milled waveguide.

Its 8.5-inch2 (55 cm2) – that’s seven times the dispersion area of conventional 1-inch dome tweeters – deliver the lowest possible distortion and thus several hours of film and music enjoyment without the typical strain and fatigue.

With the help of finely tuned limiters, the headroom requirements of current multi-channel sound formats such as Dolby Atmos can be met and so uncompressed reproduction is ensuredat anytimes .

Model S1 Tweeter

The sound generating area is equivalent to that of 7x 1" domes..

Model S1 midwoofer
Double bass-midrange driver: Micro- und high dynamics combined

High level capacities | Linear frequency response | Very low distortion | Resonance-free midrange | High efficiency | High mechanical and electrical load capacity

Two 6-inch (155 mm) long-excursion midwoofer with a narrow vertical arrangement ensures that the radiation towards lower frequencies remains constant, while avoiding the otherwise typical interferences. The strong fibre cone with inverse dome is completely resonance-free in the frequency range up to the mid-range. Musical elements such as voices remain clear and natural at all times.

The demodulated and large 4.7-inch (120 mm) magnet system, enclosed in a ventilated die-cast basket, as well as the robust suspension, allow a linear excursion of up to 0.47-inch (12 mm). This allows for the uncompressed and realistic reproduction of particularly high level sound effects in films with up to 120 dB peak level.

The closed cabinet and the digital filtering allow a clean and easy separation to the existing subwoofer and LFE channel.

Model S1 midwoofer
Model S1 midwoofer array

Due to the small vertical distance and the low crossover frequency of 1 kHz, the usual interferences are avoided.

Seamless, Simple and Secure
Aesthetic integration,
without break in style
Model S1

Technology that fits in unobtrusively. Completely invisible if desired. Simply and safely installed. Model S1 can be seamlessly integrated into high-quality home cinemas and provides architectural highlights without breaking with style.

Model S1
Model S1
Model S1 13
Only a handbreadth deep and still safe and stable

Due to its small installation depth of 3.8-inch (96 mm), Model S1 is ideally suited for flush-mount custom installations in drywall, so-called baffle walls, as well as empty cavity in the wall. An aesthetic mounting frame for on-wall usage is also available as an optional accessory.

The front baffle is CNC-milled from Valchromat (30% more stiffer than usual MDF) and finished with natural oils and waxes. A rigid metal cabinet made of steel and additional alubutyl-sandwich damping allows the only 3.8-inch (96 mm) shallow construction depth and stabilizes the in-wall installation. This mechanically solid system provides the foundation for highest sound pressures up to 120 dB without any rattling or vibration.

Fully digital and self-powered
Cutting edge technology,
purposefully applied
Front view DSP amplifier

For easy system integration all electronics of two speakers are assembled in a rackable 19-inch wide and 1U flat aluminum housing. The resulting centralized power and signal cabling allows for less planning and installation effort in multi-channel applications, as well as higher operational reliability. The entire system and setup can be managed via USB.

Electronics ModelS1 Setup
Leading amplifier technology

Highly efficient Class-D amplifier modules from PASCAL with patented UMAC™ technology form the basis. Features such as an extremely flat frequency response, complete independence from the load impedance and practically frequency-independent distortion behavior mark the current state of amplifier technology.

Pascal Class-D amplifier module

The four amplifier channels are arranged in a double-mono design, so that the two connected speakers each have their own power supplies. This separation excludes mutual interference (crosstalk) even under the highest load. Each loudspeaker has a total of 560 watts available, whereby look-ahead limiters reliably protect the respective drivers. Optionally, two additional capacitor banks can be configured as optional extras for further power supply stabilisation. The additional 38,400 µF in the form of low-ESR capacitors then available canwithstand even the hardest bass impulses of up to 1200 Watts for short periods.

All components are installed in 105° C temperature-stable variants to ensure high reliability and long operating life.

Model S1 external DSP amplifier
Full digital signal processing

The digital signal processing is performed using a powerful 4th generation SHARC DSP with 32-bit floating point accuracy. The digital crossover uses steep filters to minimize the overlap areas of the drivers and to create even cleaner transitions. A linear-phase equalization using FIR filters corrects the time domain for a smooth and natural playback.

The AD/DA conversion has a dynamic range of 112 dB(A) and is acoustically transparent. Predictive limiters protect all components against overload at all times and thus offer absolute operational reliability.

AD sharc
DSP processing chain

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