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We design, produce and market digital active loudspeakers for realistic reproduction and immersive sound experiences.


GGNTKT stands for "Gegentakt" (push-pull) and was founded in 2018 to develop active loudspeakers for immersive sound experiences. We are a young team of acousticians, electrical engineers, industrial designers, software specialists and craftsmen.

The strong orientation towards evidence-based methodology, the use of validated scientific findings and the application of advanced technology characterize each of our loudspeakers. Professional recording studios, demanding home cinemas and audiophile private users are therefore part of our clientele.

Made in Germany
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Our goal is a realistic reproduction to achieve the unforgettable "you-are-there" effect.

In addition, we offer the many design options of a manufactory for individual aesthetics, through the selection of a wide range of surfaces and colours. Our customers also benefit from a long product life cycle through regular updates of the existing models.

...and the name?
The cryptic-looking letter combination was created by omitting the vowels (here: "E" and "A") in the technical term "Gegentakt" (push-pull). Based on the electrical amplifier circuit that gave the name to the instrument, we liked the combination of "Gegen" (...swimming the current) and "Takt" as the basic pattern of the music

Our approach

For us, the following applies: A loudspeaker is a reproduction apparatus whose quality is defined in physical-technical terms. It is therefore not part of the music or the sound recording itself, but the reproduction of it. However, a realistic reproduction is the premise for the aesthetic evaluation of sound recordings.

What is a realistic reproduction?
We speak of realistic reproduction when all errors generated by the loudspeaker and the signal processing involved are below the audibility or perceptibility threshold. The influencing variables with which a realistic reproduction can be achieved and the corresponding perceptibility thresholds have been extensively investigated in the meantime and lead to the following conditions:

  1. The radiation pattern is frequency-neutral in terms of direction and intensity over the entire transmission range.
  2. The linear and non-linear distortions are below the threshold of perception.
  3. Noise and broadband interference are below the perception threshold.
  4. The aforementioned conditions are complied with in all operating conditions, in particular levels, which occur during reproduction.

How do we arrive at a loudspeaker with this knowledge?
When we plan a new loudspeaker we determine the level at which the mentioned conditions can still be fulfilled. This also determines the form factor - i.e. whether a small or large loudspeaker is created - whereby the radiation behaviour is independent of the level.

The design of the radiation pattern is also the greatest challenge in loudspeaker design, since the other conditions can be met more easily with current technology. Therefore, we devote a large part of our resources to finding methods and solutions with which we can model and optimize the radiation for the intended use of the loudspeaker. This leads to the optically characteristic features of our active loudspeakers, such as wide baffles, waveguides in the high frequency range and cardioid radiation by separate control of multiple drivers in the low frequency range.

That is why GGNTKT!

When buying a GGNTKT active loudspeaker, you can be assured of a speaker that offers realistic reproduction in its respective size category. You also have the certainty that the state of the art in science and technology has been purposefully applied for this purpose, whose value contributions can be measured and heard at all times. And finally, with our active loudspeakers you own a high-quality and aesthetic piece of furniture with which you will enjoy many years of pleasure.

We hope you enjoy your next demonstration or your newly purchased GGNTKT active loudspeaker!

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