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Benefit from our comprehensive product guarantee. Once you register your new active speaker online within 30 days of purchase, your speaker is fully protected for the first three years - so you can concentrate on what matters: Your musical enjoyment.

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Guarantee conditions

1.The factory guarantee applies to first-time buyers of GGNTKT new equipment exclusively for the European Union. It begins with the purchase and registration of a new device.

2. the legal warranty obligation of the specialized trade is two years. Roland Schäfer Elektroakustik und Audiotechnik grants the first purchaser of a GGNTKT active loudspeaker a three-year factory warranty for electronics and other loudspeaker components and documents this by sending the warranty certificate by e-mail. Claims under the warranty conditions are only valid for buyers who have purchased the device in question from an authorized dealer. If the device is purchased from an unauthorized dealer, there is no warranty claim.

3. a condition for the assertion of warranty claims is the product registration within 30 days after purchase of the device. Registration can be done online, a copy of the purchase receipt must be sent by e-mail as a file attachment in the usual formats.

4. during the warranty period, we will remedy any defects that can be proven to be due to material or manufacturing defects at our discretion by replacing or repairing the defective parts. Further claims, in particular for reduction, redhibitory action, compensation for consequential damages are excluded.

5. no other work may have been carried out on the device except that described in the operating instructions.

6. if you make a claim under the warranty within the statutory warranty periods, please contact your specialist dealer first. If it should prove necessary to send the device to us, you must use the faultless original packaging in order to claim under the warranty. You must also ensure that the device is delivered carriage paid. As a result you bear the costs of sending the goods and the risk of accidental loss.

7. are excluded from the warranty:

  • Transport damage, visible or invisible (complaints for such damage must be submitted immediately to the transport company, railway or post office)
  • Scratches in wooden cases, frames, metal parts, front covers etc. (these defects must be reported directly to your dealer within three days of purchase);
  • Errors caused by incorrect installation, incorrect connection, external force, improper operation (see operating instructions) and stress or overload;
  • Improperly repaired or modified equipment that has been opened by anyone other than us or our authorized dealers;
  • Consequential damage to third-party equipment;
  • Reimbursement of costs in the event of damage being repaired by third parties without our prior consent;
  • Devices on which the serial number has been removed, made unrecognizable or modified;
  • Equipment on which unauthorised persons or workshops have carried out repairs
  • Changes caused by natural wear and tear or aging (e.g. color changes in wooden housings, metal parts or displays)

The factory warranty is a voluntary service provided by Roland Schäfer Elektroakustik und Audiotechnik and does not affect your claims under the Product Liability Act against the specialist dealer.